Content Marketing Is The Great Equaliser For Brands – Arnie Kuenn

Learn how to create successful content marketing campaigns and the most important things you should do to optimize your posts to get organic reach. 

Arnie Kuenn is CEO of Vertical Measures is an award winning search, social and content marketing company helping organizations get more traffic, more leads and more business. Vertical Measures provides complete Internet marketing services, designed to help businesses improve their online presence resulting in higher levels of qualified site visitors, as well as greater sales conversion rates.

Case Study

Hear how a hockey company changed the life of a young boy and how a single video impacted the company.

In this show you’ll learn:

  • How content marketing has become the great equalizer for all brands.
  • How to create a content marketing strategy.
  • Hear a case study that boosted an appliance stores sales.
  • Youll learn when most brands stop producing content marketing and find out, if a brand sticks with content marketing, how long it takes to pay off.

Takeaway Tips

1.    Your customers can be powerful sales people for your brand.

2.    Create content that answers your customers questions using blog posts, videos, audio segments.

3.    Use Google Trends to do your content marketing research.

4.    Check for Google suggested titles to see how popular your topic is before you create it.

5.    Create free guides to help solve your customers problems.

6.    Make sure your post is optimized: h1, meta and alt tags are must be filled in.

7.    Optimize your Web images: change file name to be relevant to the photo.


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