How to use video storytelling to bring your brand personality to life

By Rachel Kurzyp @RachelKurzyp

Did you know 74 per cent of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video? Yet, many brands still have not embraced the power of the online video. The effectiveness of the video is its ability to simplify the complex, create emotional connections and support calls-to-action.

It is also great for its capacity to animate abstract ideas, like your ‘brand’s personality’. So, how does video storytelling bring your brand’s personality to life and what do you need to consider to make it work? 


Set your tone and voice

A company’s tone of voice should be distinctive, recognisable and unique. It’s not what the company does, but ‘who it is’ that makes the brand’s personality.

Video is a great tool to share with your customers what you love to talk about and how you talk about it. It also gives you a chance to speak in your customer’s language and show you know their needs.

Video gives brands the opportunity to develop personality, style and characteristics of their own. People want to buy from other people they can relate to.


Build trust and loyalty

Customers want a quick way to vet a company, research product information, and see what other people are saying. More often, customers are using social channels to do this.

Use video to identify the problem your customers face. Communicate how your product can help and the type of service you offer. By illustrating how you work, you educate customers on your company’s values and mission.

Use this opportunity to make your customers feel good and walk away with a brand experience they will tell their friends about.


Tell your brand’s story

Forget about your product for a moment and think back to why your company was created. Why do you do what you do? What human value does your company offer?

Now ask yourself why your stakeholders want to partner with you? Why do your customers take part? Use your answers to tell every side of your brand’s story in an inspiring video.

Remember, your brand personality should be in the spotlight not your sales pitch. If you design and tell your story you will engage people to take action.


Put a face to your organisation

Smart companies know customers want to interact with genuine and authentic people. Video allows your staff to step out from behind the computer and say ‘Hi, I’m a person, and how can I help?’ 

Customers form an emotional connection with your brand through your staff. Create videos that allow your staff (or actors playing them) to share their knowledge, work ethic and why they believe in your brand.

Use your brand personality to give your customers a deeper understanding of why they should interact with you.


Rachel Kurzyp is a writer and communications consultant helping businesses build their digital story.