How To Grow Your Brand Using Social Media – Greg Savage

Building a brand via social media is hard work. Learn the top strategies from Greg Savage. Find out drives traffic to your Website and creates success for your brand in this episode.

Greg is a global recruiter with 35 years experience owning, managing and growing staffing businesses across the world. Founder of four highly successful businesses; Recruitment Solutions (taken to IPO). Firebrand Talent Search (trade sale), Eloquent Staffing (trade sale), and People2People (currently Director and Owner). Greg is an advisor, consultant, mentor, investor and trainer to the Recruitment, Staffing, Professional Services and Social Media sectors. 

In this show you’ll learn:

How to build a social audience.

How Greg used Twitter to grow his brand Firebrand Talent.

What a blog did for brand awareness and the human resource industry.

Why you cant make social media about your brand.

Takeaway Tips

1.     Your customers are interested in what they do. Make your content relevant to them and the overall industry.

2.     Get your audience to share their interests and stories to create a digital footprint.

3.     This social audience can build a community and be more valuable than anything else.

4.     Social media is not cheap or free: “it’s a massive cost in time and intellectual property”.

5.     Understand your audience in order to compete. Target your content.

6.     Respond to your social audience. Answer their questions in a timely fashion.

7.     Generosity builds your brand: give out quality content and provide engagement.



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