Amplification Strategies To Get Content Seen By Your Target Audience With Ayal Steiner

Brand Storytelling Podcast Episode 10

Ayal Steiner is the General Manager of Outbrain Australia-New Zealand. He shares what amplification strategies can do to help get your content seen by your target audience.


In this show youll learn:

  • Amplification and how it can help your brand.
  • How to build your social audience.
  • What makes the audience engage with your brand.
  • Which amplification platform is right for you?


Takeaway Tips:

  1. Even content that looks like it is organically viral is often heavily distributed through paid platforms.
  2. Research shows people spend 20% on email; 20% searching the Web; 20-25% on social platforms
  3. Search is very intent-based. This can be a channel that already publishes content.
  4. Find your audience when theyre already engaging with content.
  5. Amplification through Outbrain distributes content where visitors are already engaging with content which creates a native experience.
  6. Visitors from this type of platform are more qualified as the people who click the links are truly looking for your content.
  7. Use engagement data to further develop digital strategy to fine-tune your digital conversion rate.

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