How To Increase Your Twitter Followers – With Gary Loper

Twitter expert, Gary Loper, was forced to change careers. Find out how he found his true passion with the help of Twitter. Learn what a Twitter party is and how it can help your business. Plus more key branding tips using Twitter.

Gary Loper is a Twitter expert as well as a life and business coach. He’s a mindset coach, motivational speaker, trainer, former talk-radio host, and highly respected entrepreneur who helps people master the business of life by building better relationships. In addition to Gary’s strong background in marketing and sales and his 30+ years of superior customer service, he spent 15 years in direct sales. He teaches his audience strategies and tactics on how to become successful to produce and maintain positive solutions, to stay in a positive mindset, and attract and manifest true wealth.


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In this show youll learn:

  • Understanding Twitter
  • How to make Twitter work for your brand
  • What can Twitter really do for your company
  • Why you should have a Twitter party
  • How to filter and find the conversations that are important to your brand

Takeaway Tips

1.    Use Twitter to connect with people and make them part of your community.

2.    Dont use multiple accounts.

3.    Use keywords in your Twitter profile.

4.    Use a banner photo and photos on your Twitter account.

5.    Your tweets should be: entertaining, educational, or motivational.

6.    Motivational messages are the most retweeted tweets.

7.    Twitter parties are virtual conversations in Twitter that are geared around a branded hashtag.

8.    Twitter parties can help you trend on Twitter.

9.    Twitter party: stay under 65 tweets in an hour.

10.  Share your knowledge through Twitter, content marketing in blog posts, videos, and photos.

11.  Add value to the conversation.

12.  Show that you believe in what youre doing.

13.  Be consistent. Create multiple tweets for your account.

14.  Dont retweet exact same content in a 12-hour period.

15.  Try Periscope.


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