Why Brands Should Think Like Publishers – With Jonathan Crossfield

Jonathan Crossfield shares his storytelling tips on how to think like a publisher and craft long-term content marketing strategies for success. Plus why you must get outside of the content marketing industry to find a unique approach.

Jonathan has won awards for articles on digital marketing in Nett Magazine and his over-opinionated blog Atomik Soapbox, although expects the obvious mistake will be realised soon. He has written for other magazines on similar topics, including Smarter Business Ideas and Giftrap. Jonathan still contributes a regular column on The Social Web to Chief Content Officer magazine, published by the US based Content Marketing Institute.


The Big Dig: WaterAid Case Study

 What youll learn

  • Why storytelling is so fascinating.
  • How mobile blogging made a big impact for a brand.
  • The Will It Blend case study, Blendtec http://www.willitblend.com
  • How to use logos, pathos, ethos in your branded content.
  • Why you shouldnt spend too much time reading

Key Takeaways

  1. Dont just say youre better, show it. Use video, photos, and storytelling.
  2. Use emotion, entertainment, information, and authority to convey messages.
  3. Your archived content will fuel your social media.
  4. Content Marketing is a snowball effect. Its about an ongoing strategy.
  5. Stop thinking of the short-term campaign model.
  6. Dont think about how this helps your KPIs next month. Think of the impact it will make a year from now.
  7. Be exceptional: Your branded content must be high quality to stand out from the digital clutter.
  8. Think about workflow to ensure that the post, video, infographic are all valuable key pieces to build the brand audience.
  9. Think Like a publisher.
  10. Dont be myopic: Read more outside of the industry of content marketing to get a unique insight.



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