Blogs and brands: why it’s important to have an online presence

The internet has altered the way consumers perceive brands, and as traditional forms of advertising are increasingly losing their pull, there’s a small margin of error for marketers to draw people in.

Why’s that? Well, quite simply, people switch off quicker than ever before.

There’s distraction after distraction, platform after platform – consumers will scroll after mere seconds if you’ve bored them.

In the eyes of the consumer there’s content to get through: 10 minutes on Facebook, 15 minutes on Twitter, a couple of minutes scrolling through LinkedIn followed by some catching up on Instagram.

If you don’t capture quickly, you’re impeding on the consumer’s social media rounds.

This is why it’s extremely important to have a sound online content presence – namely a blog on your website – that really does well to attach a story to your brand.

That’s the thing: consumers are aware that you’re a brand, so they immediately assume your motive is to sell them something, but to expose them to content will shift their perception of you.

It’s new-age advertising, and it isn’t intrusive. That’s because consumers don’t perceive it as advertising at all. You are, effectively, speaking their language and moving away from shoving your product down their throat.

In today’s online landscape every brand should have a content strategy because in the long-run the inbound rewards are endless.

Household names like Telstra, ANZ and Levis are examples of brands turning to a content-driven presence online, and the success of their strategy can be attributed to dedicated blogs on their websites.

It all adds to the user journey: there’s no pushing, no spin and certainly no forced sentiments.

In the digital age, content that speaks to the consumer puts your brand in the best position to stand out.