Bridging The Gap: Brands, Communities, Culture



It’s easy to discover which brands have seized the imagination of a small, target group; and then taught said group how to spread the word, make converts to the brand; and turn this small, target group into a mainstream culture. Think Nike, Starbucks, Lululemon/Lorna Jane etc


The consumers that buy from these brands, are often “religious” in the buying and do not cross the paddock to the other, sometimes similar brands. Understanding cult branding and how to use it, is a heavy investment but has proven that fixed-mindsets and loyalty are priceless commodities.


One way to look at your target audience, is by building a bridge between your customers “I need” and the “I am” – I need running shoes, I am a Reebok runner.. By identifying archetypes of your consumers, and this can vary based on gender, location, age, culture etc you’ll be able to narrow down the best ways to communicate, relate and create emotional connections with the specific audience. Using these universally recognised “characters” your brand can fulfill an unconscious ambition linking your community through an ongoing narrative.


Aquaus Kelley knows distinguishing your community is just step one in the process; nurturing and building that community and cementing a place in the everyday lives of those within it allows your audience, and consumers to feel that they are part of the bigger picture – and offering participation as a co-creator or influencer in the brand story is also a powerful way to reinforce that relationship.


Newsmodo CEO Rakhal Ebeli looks at how to unearth the passion to give back and find the content that tells our brand story in a way that connects us to communities, embedding us in their culture.




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In this episode:

  • Building meaningful, significant, and transformational brands
  • How to curate local culture and lifestyle in an effort to bridge gaps
  • Building value between brands, communities, and culture


About the guest:

Aquaus Kelley is the Founder of ‘A Lovers Ambition Lifestyle Group’ based in New Jersey, as well as a content creator, brand strategist, social ambassador, and educator. He and the team at #WeLOVEHubCity aim promote positivity and inspiration to his city by curating local culture and lifestyle in an effort to bridge the gap between business, community culture, education, and government. Aquaus specializes in identifying talent and creating opportunities for brand development and social impact.


Aquaus’ ultimate mission is to use his influence to project positivity across the globe, leverage the influence of popular culture to create social change, and invest in the collective future of society through the arts, education, entertainment, and leadership.

To keep up-to-date with his happenings and daily musings – follow him on Twitter @Aquaus




Bridging The Gap




Header image credit: Corey Agopian