Build an epic business with power stories with Valerie Khoo

Valerie Khoo is a journalist, author and adviser/investor in businesses and startups. She is a respected small business commentator in Australia and is regularly featured in the media. Valerie is a mentor in the Key Person of Influence program in Australia. 

In this show you’ll learn

Why storytelling is vital for a brand.

What are the most important power stories your brand can tell.

Learn which page on your Website is often overlooked, yet among the most important.

What is a customer story and how do you tell it in the right way.


Takeaway Tips

1.    Brands can tell their own powerful story and use them to reach traditional media.

2.    The “passion story” should be used to communicate the “why”–the reason the company started the business.

3.    CEOs should share their passion story not just their bio.

4.    Passion stories excite customers and employees.

5.    About pages are one of the most read pages. Get it right!

6.    Biggest mistake on about pages:  chronological points without any true passionate story.

7.    Share the journey of your business through a “customer story”.

8.    Customer story needs to share what was it like before for the customer and how you helped the customer. This is a before and after story.



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