Building A Champion Team




As Mohammad Ali once said, Champions aren’t made in gyms.. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them… A desire … a dream… a vision.


In content marketing we have champions. They are the leaders of the industry.. The people who inspire, succeed and critically, keep looking to the future. As a lion doesn’t roar after killing its prey… these champions too won’t rest on the laurels of their success… they continue to innovate, continue to find new peaks to conqueror.


It’s that story that the audience often want to hear, see, feel and experience… but so often happens behind closed doors. We know that by pulling back the curtains, buy showing our ‘human’ side, we often make ourselves more approachable… and in turn, audiences will lean into our business, our team… our brand.


One man who’s had to track that story and find the hidden gems, is Konrad Marshall. He has documented a journey, a story that shines and that moves the emotions of the audience, and truly helps others outside of the team appreciate where they’ve come from and what success means to them.


Newsmodo CEO Rakhal Ebeli talks about what it takes to become a champion, how to inspire and lead, and to be remember for generations to come.




About the guest

Konrad Marshall is a senior journalist at FairFax Media and a contributor of Good Weekend magazine. He is  also the author of ‘Yellow & Black – A Season with Richmond’ the book that covers the Premiership winning year for the Richard Tigers Football Club.

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 Building A Champion Team




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