How Cricket Australia uses content to engage its audience

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Fan engagement has never been more important with codes, leagues and teams now competing outside of conventional television for attention. With more than 77% of sports fans using a second screen as a companion, brands are building new applications and content systems to enhance the gameday experience. 

These screens are the secondary source for what is happening. Live tweeting, statistics and live scores from other games, forums, blogs and instant analysis give fans a deeper connection they’ve never been afforded before. 

Leagues and codes are now tasked with building content and media hubs that can capture that attention and enhance the gameday experience.  

On the Brand Storytelling podcast this week, we talk about the new world of sports analytics and how leagues are engaging audiences through new interactive content. Audiences are now operating two screens when consuming their favourite sport with apps, live scores and statistics being the focal points. 

Finn Bradshaw, Head of Digital at Cricket Australia joins Rakhal to outline how he is building new mediums and channels to engage a fan base that is consuming more content and data than ever before. 

5 Lessons From Finn Bradshaw: 

1. Mentioning a brand every 10 seconds benefits no one……save the person they paid to do it.

2. Know your fans and work with them to find the content they want. 

3. Set high expectations for your content!  

4. For fans, you need to enhance the experience on and off the pitch to create the most engagement. 

5. Be really clear on what you’re trying to achieve and how you’re going to measure it. 

Here’s a sneak preview of the show:

Rakhal Ebeli: One of the things that you mentioned were various platforms in which your publishing and the one that stands out for me is the really awesome Cricket Australia app. That came about I guess a few years back from memory and I subscribed to it. I must confess I loved it over the summer. Not sure my wife loves it as much as I do because you definitely get to consume a lot of cricket, the BBL and so on over those hot months but how has it performed for you and where next for the cricket oz app?

Finn Bradshaw: Yeah that’s probably one of the areas I’m proudest of. Previously Vodaphone had done the cricket app and it was called the Vodaphone cricket app and it was rated, you know, no one connected it with Cricket Australia so that relationship ended before it started. We built this from the ground up. We released version 2.0 this year which I think I’m really happy with the design finally. We actually won a global award.

The most important thing is the engagement keeps going up, right? Yeah, you know with an app you’re always in the battle to sort of get in that top 6 apps that most people use. Now we don’t expect that to be over the winter months but over the summer we absolutely want to be one of those 6 apps and I think we’re close to 2 million people engaged over the last 12 months.

Rakhal: Is that primarily, I was going to say, Australia?

Finn: It’s like 98 percent Australian. We’re actually available in the app store around the world but a lot of our videos are jail blocked outside of Australia so that sort of proposition of the app is around getting people the content as quickly as possible. If you’re a user in India you’re not getting really the best experience.

Rakhal: I noticed recently that the AFL Live app has also just put out an advertising campaign where there’s a bunch of girls sitting in the stands. They’re watching a footy game and one of them is literally looking at the app and she says, “Oh this play is going to miss the key for goal.” Where are we at with fan engagement with these things?

Finn: It seems that we’re … That match engagement piece is something that people have spoken about with me from the moment I started here and for us as a business really we want to invest our money in somewhere that’s going to have a tangible difference so will that technology either change someone from deciding not to buy a ticket to buying a ticket or, at the ground, will it significantly improve their experience of the game?

This summer we’re doing a piece of research around basically what are the paying points for people so I actually think probably where technology will have a greater impact for people will be things like if I want to get home by 11, because I want to get the kids in bed by 11, what time do I need to leave the stadium? Or what train should I catch to the stadium that’s going to get me closest to the gate that I need to go into? Or I don’t want to buy the type of food that’s being sold here.

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