Building your brand reputation with Uberflip founder Randy Frisch

On the Brand Storytelling podcast, we talk to Uberflip co-founder Randy Frisch about the need for brands to build online reputations and keep in touch with their audiences. We also talk about the how content marketing and brand storytelling are two essential tools for controlling the message and building trust with audiences.

Uberflip is a content experience platform that allows brands to manage all their content (blog articles, videos and more) into a single platform. This allows for customer optimisation throughout the buying process and a unique online experience.

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In this episode: 

  • How do you use content in our world to build a reputation?
  • How to develop your brand reputation with the content marketing and evolving content platforms. 
  • Creating that experience that stands out from the rest.

Preview of the show: 

Rakhal Ebeli: When you’ve gone about building your own brand and reputation, could you give us some examples of the types of content that you feel really hits the mark in building brand rep?

Randy Frisch: I think it starts with taking a step back. I don’t know if it’s always one format of content or one style of content. I think we always have to start a little bit more strategically as a brand and figure out who are we writing for? Early on, when we’re maybe starting our first steps into content, we want to get something out. We want to get a reaction. When we’re really starting to up our game as a brand that’s in growth mode, a brand that’s trying to achieve that consistency that we’re talking about, we got to figure out who we’re writing for.

I’ll give you a great example here. For a while, we were actually catering to more of an SMB customer. Small businesses, some mum and pop shops, things like that. They were great customers for us. We grew a lot with that group. We decided, at one point, that we were going to actually go upmarket. Today, we actually sell more to mid-market to enterprise customers. A lot of companies who work with us are much larger corporations at times.

As much as we need a lot of those decisions to change our pricing to reflect that, to add certain factors into our product, we were a little slow to actually adapt our content strategy. That was because we were creating this great content. Everyone used to love it. We still have a lot of people engaging in and reading it, but then we started to see conversions go down. We said, okay, what’s going on here? We realised we didn’t really adapt to the new market that we wanted to sell to.

It comes back to making sure that that brand story you’re telling is actually relevant to the people that you’re talking to.


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