Hockey Australia’s challenge was to get their audience talking about hockey in a positive way that demonstrated the underlying pride and passion that was at times evident within the community.  This excitement was to be generated in conjunction with National Hockey Week and ideally for participants to share their experiences from a grassroots participation level.


Newsmodo leveraged its contributor platform in an ideation round, challenging them to create content that unearthed heartwarming and inspiring stories at the grassroots level.  After a successful round of pitches, there was one that story that resonated above others.  A feature video was commissioned to tell this story and the Backyard Field of Dreams was born.  This feature video formed the basis of the National Hockey Week awareness campaign with amplification through the client’s social channels.

“Backyard Field of Dreams captured this perfectly, telling the story of Steve and his young son Connor, who practice together in their backyard on a homemade hockey pitch.”

Lawrence West, General Manager, Media & Communications at Hockey Australia

The week-long feature video campaign following the father-son duo and their quest for glory received more than 200 shares and 16,000 views on Facebook in just over a week.

“The video has been a tremendous success on our Facebook page, drawing twice as much engagement and viewership than any other piece of content in the month.”

Lawerence West, General Manager, Media & Communications at Hockey Australia