A ‘How To’ Guide on defining your digital media strategy


In the latest episode of the Brand Storytelling podcast, we cut through the noise to deliver a step by step guide to defining your digital media strategy.

In an exclusive interview with Hong Kong based consultant, Chris C. Anderson, we look at how to lock down a plan for content marketing, as well as how to and make the most of the myriad of distribution channels available to brands in 2017.

So much opportunity can create huge advantages for those who leverage digital media well, but as some found out recently, it can also backfire on those who miss the mark.

Newsmodo CEO Rakhal Ebeli covers the fallout from Pepsi’s failed attempt at a brand video, starring Kendall Jenner, and we get the lowdown on how influencers can be engaged to successfully amplify content the ‘right’ way.

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In this episode:

 – Hitting the mark with your advertising strategy

 – Why 92% of people trust recommendations from individuals and influencers 

 – Maximising distribution and audience engagement


About the guest:

Chris C. Anderson has been a freelance journalist and Senior Editor for The Huff Post, VP for everything Editorial and Content at Pixable and now resides in Hong Kong where he’s made a name for himself as a Digital Consultant; focusing on social media content strategy and marketing, digital brand building and campaign building and execution. To keep up-to-date with his happenings and daily musings – follow him on Twitter @hintman