Content Amplification

Your Content Seen By Your Audience

We know that the journey to great performing content doesn’t end when it is published. In fact, this is where the real work begins.

Our content amplification specialists will deliver the content you have spent time and money creating, to your ideal customer.
Newsmodo has the world’s largest network of vetted freelance journalists and content specialists across the globe.

Not only can we create high-quality and relevant content, we will promote your content by:



Using search engine optimisation expertise
Using search engine optimisation expertise
Amplifying your content on popular websites
Amplifying your content on popular websites


Why You Need Content Amplification & Optimisation

A report by revealed that the average life of a link is just 3 hours – not much return considerng the time spent creating the piece of content. That’s why Newsmodo creates engaging content for humans, but we also optimise content for search engines with SEO copywriting. We create the content your audience is searching for and optimise it to increase search engine visibility.

Once the content has been created, we use our content amplification partner Outbrain to deliver your content to your audience.

We will manage the distribution of your content to feature on some of the world’s most respected and popular websites, such as: 
The Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian,, BBC, CNN, New York Post, Yahoo7, NineMSN and more.