Four Insights Into Amplifying Your Brand With Influencers [And A New App To Help]

by Phoebe Chongchua

Do you need to amplify your brand’s message?

Jules Lund is an Australian TV and radio host turned social media whiz and digi-geek. He gave his tips on how brands can leverage the power of influencers and describes the new app that will facilitate these relationships.  

Below are his top four insights on using influencer marketing to amplify brand messages.

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1) Brands are buying the influencer’s audience, not the influencer

Brands have to understand that influencer marketers are helping spread the brand message to their core audience. Look carefully at the audience of the influencer because you’re not buying the influencer. You are, however, hoping to reach the influencer’s audience.

Study the opportunities and trends that exist. Keep a close watch on the influencers you’re considering. Follow them and see how they engage with their audience to ensure that it suits your brand.

2) Collaboration is key

Jules says brands can generate the brief for an influencer but then the influencer needs to have enough autonomy to come up with a creative social piece that resonates with the audience.

“Don’t forget, influencers are the best, most specialised content creators in the world for their tribe,” says Jules. “They have crafted relentlessly, post per post, a dialect with their tribe that they have refined and is exclusive and intimate to them. No one can come and say, ‘You’re better off doing it like this to talk to your tribe.’”

Sometimes this means creating content that wouldn’t normally be created by the brand itself. Ultimately companies have to trust in their influencers, because they know how to connect with their audience. 

Brands that are brave are getting far greater results because it has an authenticity to it.

— Jules Lund


3) Brands should have final approval over influencer-created content

Even though Jules believes influencers need to be able to have the freedom to create content, he says influencers should still have to seek final approval from the brand.

However, Jules says, “Just because an influencer can talk to its tribe doesn’t mean that the influencer can talk brand. Balancing commerce versus content is a really special skill.”

In an ideal influencer marketing program, brands work collaboratively with influencers, giving freedom to the influencer to create content that will resonate with the influencer’s audience.

4) An app called TRIBE

As a media presenter and influencer himself, Jules Lund saw an opportunity for brands to get their message across to consumers using influencer marketers. 

A new app called TRIBE (releasing soon) – will be providing a marketplace for influencers and brands who need them.

TRIBE is a platform where brands can easily invite and brief these influencers to activate powerful one-to-one campaigns and engage audiences they’re desperate to reach.

TRIBE will be cutting down the tedious and time consuming task that many PR and marketing agencies and departments have dealt with in the past – the process of building relationships with influencers. 

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Jules Lund’s versatility across Television, Radio & Digital has rewarded him with a wealth of experience. On TV, Jules has hosted Getaway, the Logies Red Carpet, Game-shows, Reality TV, live events, celebrity interviews and more.

And yet in the digital world, Jules’ momentum has never been stronger. With a background in Graphic Design, Photography and Film, Jules quickly became obsessed with social media. In 2013, he led ‘The Fifi & Jules’ Facebook Page to become the most engaged brand-page in the entire country.

In 2015 Emma Freedman joined Jules Lund as co-host of the new national nightly Scoopla show from 6pm on SCA’s Hit Network, covering the fickle world of entertainment.