Content marketing masterclass: Building your audience with a successful strategy

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On the Brand Storytelling podcast this week, the PR Warrior, Trevor Young gives a masterclass in content marketing, how to build content around your audience and previews the upcoming Content Marketing World Conference in Cleveland. 

Trevor talks about the growth of the content marketing industry, the challenges faced by marketers in an increasingly loud environment and the platforms and channels that can make your voice heard. 

Trevor will be speaking on September 2nd at his Digitalks event – How to build reputation and trust through content marketing.  

Here’s a preview on Trevor’s thoughts on…….

Why content is so important……..”The amount of noise and the clutter out there, the changes in consumer behavior, how advertising’s less effective than ever before, people are blocking it, we’ve got ad blockers, we fast-forward through the ads. Just literally reaching people is really difficult. On the other hand, people, their attentions spans, one report puts it as less than a goldfish, which is not great for, or not necessarily not great, but it is challenging therefore for marketers and communicators to reach people who have less than a goldfish attention span.

The old way we used to interrupt people with a message about our brand and our product and our service and interrupt them, that no longer works. We know that. It’s probably been ineffective for quite some time now. The brands that are doing things really well, is they’re attracting people to them and inspiring them and empowering them with knowledge and information. They’re humanising their brand through social media and they are building, I’ll use the word communities of advocates and supporters, and content plays a critical role in that I believe.”

What is the key to a successful content strategy…….“It’ll always go back to audience. That’s the one thing I like about the whole content marketing arena. The whole notion of content marketing is putting your audience first. While brands said we talk about our customers and we put them first, no they don’t really. Not with their communication.

This whole notion of audience first, what’s of interest and relevance to them? What will inspire them, entertain them? What are their knowledge gaps or their information gaps that we might be able to help them with through the provision of timely and relevant content? That side of thing’s really good, and then, of course, you’ve got to work at what format do they want it in? Where are they hanging out online? You’ve got to marry those numbers of things together. That takes insight.”

How content marketing works with influencers……..“Coming from a PR background which is my background, dealing with influences and building relationships with influences has always been about that. I guess on one hand I look at the Firebrand talent side of things. I’ve been blogging and on Twitter for a long time and LinkedIn. I suppose I’ve built a bit of an audience that talks to the marketing and PR world. I’ve built a relationship with Firebrand talent over some time.

They’ve got a fantastic blog which I write for every few months. That reaches an audience that I want to reach and therefore I’ll go and speak with their events. They’ll let me hold workshops in their boardroom and they’ll promote them for me. There’s a good relationship there, whereas today we’re talking a lot about influence in marketing which tends to be a very transactional thing where you’ve got an Instagram celebrity, and I’m using air quotes, who might have fifty thousand followers and you can buy them to produce some content on your behalf. That to me is a little bit more transactional.”

About Trevor Young

As the PR warrior, Trevor assists companies and individuals in developing and implementing platforms to build brand personas. He is the author of mircoDOMINATION: How to leverage social media and content marketing to build a mini-business empire around your personal brand and hosts the podcast, Reputation Revolution

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Trevor’s keynote: How to build reputation and trust through content marketing – September 2nd