Content marketing myths that ruin businesses

Content marketing is often thought of as THE marketing solution for brands. But, marketing coach and consultant Russ Ruffino says a large percentage of content marketing won’t work.

“The single biggest challenge is that everybody is afraid to make an offer,” says Russ.

“The right way to do it is that you want to make sure that your content marketing and everything that you’re doing in the marketplace does two things: number one, it all pertains to the problem that your client has right now and the problem that you solve, and, number two, it actually makes an offer to solve that problem,” explains Ruffino.

“That probably eliminates about 90 percent of the content marketing that you see out there.”

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Russ claims that a lot of the content marketing that’s being published isn’t really designed to create clients or customers, which is why he says it’s unsuccessful for businesses.

“If you want to have content that’s successful, it’s got to be built 100 percent — a very big, very painful problem that the client has — and it has to end with you making an offer to engage with your product, service, coaching or whatever it is that you have,” says Russ.

When you do this your content marketing becomes a pathway to purchase. But when is the right time to make an offer?

“If you have a product or offer or service that solves a problem, then I believe that you owe it to your clients to offer it to them right away,” says Russ. “They need your help now, not six months from now.”

Two myths preventing effective content marketing 

Myth 1: If I create content, people will consume it.

Myth 2: If people see my content, they will buy from me.

According to Russ, both of these assumptions are faulty. He says that people can spend a lot of time creating content that will never be seen nor drive those who see it to buy. That’s because the content doesn’t really offer a solution.

“You need to put energy into actually solving people’s problems,” says Russ.

Russ suggests creating one piece of content such as a Webinar to help explain how your brand can solve the problem.

He then says that he drives traffic to the Webinars through organic and paid advertising. The clickable ads should lead to a Webinar signup page. 

[In the Webinar] we create that relationship, we create that urgency, we get you focused on the problem. We show you we’ve got the solution and then we make a very low-key offer,” explains Russ.

This is the business model that Russ personally uses and he says his clients use it successfully too.

“Most of my clients are selling things anywhere from $4,000 to $15,000. They take people from browsing around on Facebook to investing with them at that price point within 24 to 48 hours,” explains Russ.

The key, however, is creating a quality piece of content that makes the consumer feel like their problem will be solved.

More About Russ Ruffino

Russ Ruffino, the founder of Clients on Demand™, helps experts build reliable marketing and sales processes that attract 5-10 new potential clients / day, scaling to six-figures / month. A proud father and true lifestyle entrepreneur, Russ enjoys traveling and helping others create the freedom they want.