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The best content marketing doesnt happen by chance.
Content becomes “Great Content” when:


It is valuable to the reader,  so much so that the reader feels compelled to share it with others.
But how do you know what is valuable to your audience, and how do you give it to them?


We take the guesswork out of content creation. Our content specialists compare your content against the best performing content in your industry to create an effective, and personalised content marketing strategy unique for your business goals.


The Newsmodo Content Marketing Strategy will inform you with:

   What content is engaging your audience
   What content is engaging your audience
What content you should be creating...
What content you should be creating…
And how to create it
And how to create it


Not only will our content marketing strategy determine exactly what content is valuable to your
target audience, we will help you to create and distribute it on a regular basis.


The Newsmodo Content Marketing Strategy includes:

Content Audit
Content Audit

Our team of content specialists will review and analyse your content to determine your most popular and shared content.

Competitor Analysis
Competitor Analysis

By comparing your competitor’s most popular content against yours, we will identify the content gaps and opportunities

Audience Insights
Audience Insights

Data and analysis of the most popular content in your industry and SEO insights will provide the content themes and topics you need to create.

Content Planner
Content Planner

What better way to kick-start your content strategy than with a content calendar brimming with ideas your audience will devour. You will know what to create, and when to publish it.

Find out more about our Content Calendar Planning.

Why Do I Need a Content Marketing Strategy?

Have you established your business as a thought leader?
Or, are you the go-to resource for the information in your industry?

If you haven’t, then your audience is going to go elsewhere to find the content they need.

Simply: a content marketing strategy identifies the content
needs of your audience and tells you how to give it to them.


People want content that will:

Become A Brand Newsroom
With over 25,000 journalist across the globe and a team of content editors and specialists –
let Newsmodo help you become a publisher and tell your brand’s story.

And it all starts with your content marketing strategy.