Content: quality vs quantity


Jay Acunzo once asked whether content marketers preferred to produce high-volume work or high-quality work, before his speech at ‘Content Marketing World.’ With the overwhelming response of “High-quality of course!” came the one little voice that said “Why not both?” And why not indeed!

Audiences want what they want. And they want everything. Or at least so it seems to us; so instead of giving them a little of what they want, done well. Why not give them everything they want, done well. It may seem crazy, but bare with us. It’s not impossible and you don’t need to have a superpower to do so.

Our guest this week Steven Barnes looks at whether we should be be sacrificing quantity for quality and when it comes to being the best in the business, and what ways can we foolproof our content marketing plan to ensure we are making every post a winner?

Newsmodo CEO Rakhal Ebeli dissects and discusses the pro’s and cons of the two and how we can hit the sweet spot that ensures we’re covering both.



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Download the episode here


In this episode:

– How you can repurpose text articles as scripts for videos

– Using stock images versus bespoke imagery

– The frequency/consistency of content


About the guest:

Steven Barnes is a recent Journalism graduate with a wealth of experience across all forms of the media, particularity across online and print mediums. Steven has since moved into the world of marketing and content writing, showing passion in the creation of content and the fulfillment of marketing campaigns.