Content Strategy Forum 2016 – Keynote Spotlight: Kristina Halvorson

Kristina Halvorson is one of the most influential voices in content strategy. She’s started her own company, has her own podcast, and founded her own conference — she’s written the book on content strategy, literally.

It was working as a copywriter when Kristina first realised businesses needed to think more carefully about content strategy. She was frequently brought in to write loads of content towards the end of large web projects only to look at the heap of ad hoc material dumped on her desk and realise there had been no consistent strategy from the outset of the project. Inspired by frustration, she began researching her book, Content Strategy for the Web, which was published in 2009.

It was the only book published on the topic at the time, and filled a glaring gap in web content literature. The second edition was co-authored by communications and content specialist, Melissa Rach and is now considered an essential read for people working in content.

Kristina is the CEO and Founder of Brain Traffic, an internationally-renowned consultancy specialising in content strategy and writing for the web. Since 2002, Kristina has built a remarkable team of content strategists who share her passion for good strategy. They form a team that serve heavyweight clients such as Coca-Cola and Hewlett Packard.

Through Brain Traffic, Kristina also founded the content strategy conference, Confab, which has sold out every year since its 2011 debut. This success has attracted sponsorship from some of the world’s largest companies, including Facebook, MailChimp and PayPal. What Kristina touches turns to gold.

Proving her versatility and ability to communicate effectively, Kristina also hosted her own podcast, Content Talks, where she interviewed a range of content experts offering perspectives on UX, IT, app dev, marketing and business strategy.

The conference circuit soon recognised Kristina’s strengths as an engaging and inspiring communicator. In 2010, she travelled to Paris to deliver the keynote address at the world’s first Content Strategy Forum. Her skills as a presenter have taken her to conferences all over the world and she is recognised for offering practical and humorous insights to industry professionals.

In 2011, she was recognised as one of the industry’s top thought leaders at the SXSW Interactive conference. Her home state of Minnesota also acknowledged her achievements by including her in a list of 200 Minnesotans You Should Know.

Apart from her success in book publishing, Kristina is also known for her published articles on .net Magazine, UX Magazine and Interactions. Most notably her highly influential article, The Discipline of Content Strategy was published in A List Apart, in 2008.

Kristina is the doyen of content strategy and to top it all, she is the mother of two kids who are the real stars of her Twitter account. 

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Photo credit: Creative BLOQ