Content Strategy Forum 2016 – Keynote Spotlight: Sally Bagshaw

Never one to shy away from making a bold prediction, Sally Bagshaw firmly believes the concept of connected content is what will meet us in the not too distant future.

To her, communication is king when it comes to meeting business goals and those who ignore the signs are set to be left behind by customers fleeing their out of date practices.

Sally has been cutting her teeth as founder of Snappy Sentences for the last 8 years, which coupled with her experience as a Content Strategist, gives reason to think she is on to something.

In her words, “The idea that connecting all of our daily lives through content is an exciting one. We cannot be so afraid of technology and where it’s going to take us (rocket ride!).

“Therefore, as content strategists we need to learn to speak geek a little bit better to have those conversations that will enable content to connect with all those touch points and inform our daily lives in meaningful use patterns.”

In her blog piece ‘Content behaving badly (what to do when the shi*t hits the fan)’ for GatherContent, Sally stresses the existence of the smug strategist – the content first type that worships at the altar of best practices despite the lack thereof of any evidence to support.

A self-proclaimed ‘word-nerd’, Sally started her love affair with the Internet at the dawn of the new century and quickly developed a passion for the behind the scenes action of websites and the copywriting on which they were built.

The aforementioned Snappy Sentences allows her to develop and manage her client strategies and make storytellers out of all of them.

Not afraid of a challenge (in fact the messier the better!), she operates her business out of Brisbane and has welcomed large scale industries through her doors.

But that’s not the only job listed on her resume. Other roles have included stints at the Department of Education and Training, project management with the Queensland Government, founder of the Brisbane Content Strategy Group and a judge at the Australian Web Awards.

It’s safe to say the word nerd has firmly established herself as a foremost voice in content strategy, armed with a belief that “We haven’t run out of ideas of how content can help us.”

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