Content Strategy Forum 2016 Preview

On the Brand Storytelling podcast, we preview the upcoming Content Strategy Forum with Lennie Beattie from Content Ark. The event brings together the best minds in content strategy to explore new ideas and learnings from the past year. 

After stops in Paris, London, Cape Town, Helsinki and Frankfurt, the forum is making it’s way to Melbourne with Kristina Halvorson from Brain Traffic and Hilary Marsh from The Content Company headlining the talks. 

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In this episode:

  • What are the biggest issues for marketers when drawing up a strategy?
  • Why companies need to have a strategy in place. 
  • The differences between content marketing and content strategy. 
  • Preview of the Content Strategy Forum and the history of the global event. 

Preview of the show:

Rakhal Ebeli: You would’ve seen the rise and rise of content marketing and brand storytelling. What of those new clients that you’re onboarding as a content strategist saying that their biggest issues are?

Lennie Beattie: It’s a very good question. I think one of the biggest issues is their understanding of what it actually is and what they need. I think I’m trying to sell a headache pill to somebody that’s never had a headache. I think … Again, other than discipline, it’s really incumbent on us to be able to better communicate what content strategy is and what content marketing is, and how they can help businesses succeed. I think that is a pain point. The pain point is the misunderstanding.

Rakhal: You define strategy very different to content marketing. The content that you planned for, would you say it’s always marketing collateral, is it storytelling or is it content across different platforms we don’t cover typically in the content marketing conversations?

Lennie: I think it’s a bit of both. I think there are some very clear differences between content marketing and content strategy. They’re very complimentary. We need both. I think content marketing when you say it it’s quite obvious, content marketing is a function of marketing. It’s content that’s used as a tool for marketing purposes. Correctly so. The people in the content marketing industry are generally marketers and perform a very important function for a business in that arena. Content strategy addresses content as an asset across the wider business. I think that’s a critical difference. Content strategy would look at other ways businesses use content such as across the sales function, across customer service, across corporate affairs, even internal comms, user experience, which is obviously a growing discipline.

How do we holistically create a framework that makes sure content is consistent across all those areas of a business, particularly so that it’s a consistent experience for the customer at the end of the day.


Audio – Coach Carter – Timeout pep talk (Audio Intro) 

Content Strategy Forum 2016

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