Curated Content Conveys Cool

By Kath Walters @kathwalters

I read a lot of different websites and books about content marketing (although I never seem to read enough!) 

It’s my job to share it. And to credit its authors.

A vital element of every content marketing program is finding and sharing links to other writers and websites on your subject of expertise – curating content. 

It’s an aspect of content marketing that really rankles with marketing traditions. Why would your company pay for a content marketing program that directs our readers to someone else’s website? Why not incorporate what we have read into our own writing and other content?
There are heaps of reasons why curating content will supercharge your content marketing program and make your readers love and trust you even more. 

Curated content is like The Magic Pudding – the more you eat, the more pudding there is. When we curate content for our readers, we:

  1. Show that we take our field of expertise seriously. We immerse ourselves in it. 
  2. Are cool, not desperate and dateless. No-one wants that kind of relationship.
  3. Care about our readers. We want more than anything for them to be successful.
  4. Respect others in our field, the way we want to be respected.
  5. Understand our limitations. As a journalist, I know a lot about writing and publishing, but I am not an expert in content marketing technology – others are.
  6. Position ourselves as part of the world of expertise in our field.
  7. Show that we are offering something uniquely our own in the market place (and if we are not, we should be).
  8. Work with clients who want to work with us because they have made an informed choice.
  9. Don’t have to write all the content of our e-newsletters ourselves – curating some content makes the publishing job a little bit easier for us.
  10. Encourage our readers to trust us. Trust is the fundamental building block of every business exchange.