2015 Content Marketing and Brand Journalism Event Calendar

Digital conferences are ideal places to meet new people, brush up on some technological skills, learn from the pros, and build your network.

No matter what your specialty or where you are in the world, there’s a conference for you. Here are some of the best:


Learn how the best and brightest brands are staying inspired, relevant, and always fresh.

Brand Forum
When: March 24
Where: Sydney
Cost: $1,900-2,500
Website: http://brandforum.com.au/

Digiday Brand Summit
When: April 21-23
Where: Palm Springs
Cost: US $2,400-6,500
Website: http://digiday.com/event/digidaybrandsummit-2014/

When: May 5-7
Where: Sydney
Cost: $90-1,995
Website: http://www.cebit.com.au/

Annual Brand Leadership Summit
When: October 7-8
Where: Hollywood
Cost: US $2,450-3,500
Website: http://wefirstbranding.com/summit/

PR and Communications

Insights, ideas and inspiration for professionals in public relations and communications.

When: March 18
Where: Sydney
Cost: $549
Website: http://commscon.com.au/conference/

PRSA International Conference
When: November 8-10
Where: Phoenix
Cost: US $1,395-1,795
Website: http://www.prsa.org/Conferences/InternationalConference/index.html

Digital Media Marketing

The latest in SEO, digital strategies, and other areas of interest for digital media marketers.

Digital Summit Phoenix
When: February 4-5
Where: Phoenix
Cost: US $245-445
Website: http://digitalsummitphoenix.com/

Digital Media India
When: February 10-11
Where: New Delhi
Cost: EUR 315-515
Website: http://www.wan-ifra.org/events/digital-media-india-2015

SES London
When: February 9-11

Where: London
Cost: GBP 499-1,599
Website: http://sesconference.com/london/

Pause Fest
When: February 9-15
Where: Melbourne
Cost: $265
Website: www.pausefest.com.au

When: February 27
Where: Portland
Cost: US $399-699
Website: http://www.sempdx.org/searchfest/

Broadcasting Digital Media Summit
When: March 3-4
Where: Sydney
Cost: $895-1,795
Website: http://acevents.com.au/broadcasting/index.html

Digital Disruption X
When: March 11-12
Where: Sydney
Cost: $3,599
Website: www.digital-disruption.com.au

Changing Media Summit
When: March 18-19
Where: London
Cost: GBP 895
Website: www.theguardian.com/media-network/changing-media-summit

Digital Strategy Innovation Summit (invite only)
When: March 19-20
Where: New York
Website: http://theinnovationenterprise.com/summits/digital-strategy-innovation-summit-new-york-2015

Digital Innovators’ Summit

When: March 21-24
Where: Berlin
Cost: EUR 1,390
Website: http://www.innovators-summit.com/no_cache/dis-home/

ClickZ Live
When: March 24-25
Where: Jakarta
Cost: $315-525
Website: http://www.clickzlive.com/jakarta/index.php

ClickZ Live
When: March 30-April 1
Where: New York
Cost: US $995-2,295
Website: http://www.clickzlive.com/

Social Media Marketing
When: March 25-27
Where: San Diego
Cost: US $1,027- 1,297
Website: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/smmworld/

The State of Digital Media Marketing Conference
When: April 16-17
Where: St. Louis
Cost: US $500-5,000
Website: http://umsldigitalconference.com/

When: April 20
Where: Austin
Cost: US $249-369
Website: http://www.pubcon.com/austin-2015

Digital Media Europe
When: April 20-22
Where: London
Cost: EUR 699-1,799
Website: http://dme.wan-ifra.org/

When: April 26-May 3
Where: Orlando
Cost: US $995-1,195
Website: http://digimarcon.com/cruise/

When: April 30-May 1
Where: Boston
Cost: US $899-1,999
Website: https://www.distilled.net/events/searchlove-boston/

Authority Rainmaker
When: May 13-15
Where: Denver
Cost: US $995+
Website: http://my.copyblogger.com/authority-rainmaker/

Ad Tech
When: May 20-21
Where: San Francisco
Cost: US $250-1,095
Website: http://ad-tech.com/sf

#SMF Europe
When: June 8-9
Where: London
Cost: GBP 445-895
Website: http://www.socialmedia-forum.com/europe/

When: September 10-11
Where: San Diego
Cost: TBA
Website: https://www.distilled.net/events/searchlove-sandiego/

FIPP World Congress
When: October 13-15
Where: Toronto
Cost: GBP 1,285-1,745
Website: http://fippcongress.com/

When: TBA
Where: Phoenix
Cost: TBA
Website: http://boloconference.com/2014/

Small Business

Conferences tailored specifically for small businesses and adventurous entrepreneurs.

When: March 31-April 2
Where: Phoenix
Cost: US $399-599

Website: http://attendicon.com/

Interactive Festivals

Hands-on excitement and fun with presentations, panels and play.

SXSW Interactive
When: March 13-17
Where: Austin
Cost: US $795-1,295
Website: http://sxsw.com/interactive

The Original Interactive Local Media & Marketing Conferenc

When: December 8-10
Where: Hollywood
Cost: US $995
Website: http://www.biakelsey.com/2015/


Events for advertisers and marketers alike.

Programmatic Summit 2015
When: March 5
Where: Sydney
Cost: $695

Website: http://ashtonmedia.com.au/symposiums/programmatic-summit-2015/

Ad Tech Australia
When: March 10-12
Where: Sydney
Cost: $1,250-1,700
Website: http://www.adtechaustralia.com/

World Social Marketing Conference
When: April 19-21
Where: Sydney
Cost: $900-1,150
Website: http://wsmconference.com/sydney-2015/

CMO Summit Europe (invite only)
When: May 12-14
Where: Dublin

Sirius Business Summit
When: May 12-15
Where: Nashville
Cost: TBA
Website: http://www.siriusdecisionssummit.com

SMX Advanced
When: May 27-28
Where: Sydney
Cost: $1,795 + GST
Website: http://www.searchmarketingexpo.com.au/

SMX Advanced
When: June 2-3
Where: Seattle
Cost: US $1,095-2,095
Website http://searchmarketingexpo.com/advanced/

Integrated Marketing Week
When: June 9-10
Where: New York
Cost: $895-1,695
Website: http://imweek.org/

When: July 13-15
Where: Seattle
Cost: US $1,000
Website: http://moz.com/mozcon

Marketing World 2015
When: July 13-16
Where: Seattle
Website: http://www.frost.com/prod/servlet/summits-details.pag?eventid=291455149

Affiliate Summit
When: August 2-4
Where: New York
Cost: US $2,249
Website: http://www.affiliatesummit.com/

Inbound Marketing Summit
When: September 8-11
Where: Boston
Cost: US $1,000+
Website: http://www.inbound.com/inbound14/about

Forrester’s Summit for CMOs and CIOs
When: September 16
Where: Sydney
Cost: US $345-545
Website: https://www.forrester.com/Forresters+Summit+For+CMOs+And+CIOs/-/E-EVE6700

When: October 3-8
Where: Boston
Cost: US $1,099-1,599
Website: http://dma15.org

CEB Sales and Marketing Summit
When: October 20-22
Where: Las Vegas
Cost: TBA
Website: http://www.executiveboard.com/exbd-resources/content/sales-marketing-summit/index.html

Marketing Festival
When: October 31-November 2
Where: Brno, Czech Republic
Cost: TBA
Website: http://www.marketingfestival.cz/en

Forbes CMO Summit
When: TBA
Where: TBA
Cost: TBA
Website: http://www.forbes.com/conferences/2014/cmo-2014.html

Festival of Marketing
When: November 12-13
Where: London
Website: http://festivalofmarketing.com/


Recognising the very best and brightest in all fields digital.

Northern Digital Awards
When: January 22
Where: Leeds

Broadcast Awards
When: February 4
Where: London
Cost: GBP 400-5,500
Website: http://www.broadcastawards.co.uk/Home

21st AIMIA Awards
When: March 12
Where: Sydney
Cost: $203
Website: https://aimia.worldsecuresystems.com/BookingRetrieve.aspx?ID=304313


Strategies and tools for publishers – especially those transitioning from analog to digital.

Digiday Publishing Summit Europe
When: February 4-6
Where: Monte Carlo
Cost: US $2,500-3,500
Website: http://digiday.com/event/digidaypublishingsummiteurope/

Digital Publishing Innovation Summit (invite only)

-New York
When: July 16-17
Website: http://theinnovationenterprise.com/summits/digital-strategy-innovation-summit-new-york-2015

When: July 20-21
Website: http://theinnovationenterprise.com/summits/digital-publishing-singapore-2015

-San Francisco
When: December 9-10
Website: http://theinnovationenterprise.com/summits/digital-publishing-innovation-summit-2015-san-francisco

Electronic Media and Entertainment

These conferences are about all types of electronic media, featuring speakers, exhibits and more.

IBC Content Everywhere MENA
When: January 20-22
Where: Dubai
Cost: $799-1,999
Website: http://www.ibcce.org/Content/MENA

CSTB Exhibition and Forum
When: January 27-29
Where: Moscow
Website: http://en.cstb.ru

Festival of Media Asia Pacific
When: March 22-24
Where: Singapore
Cost: US $1,274-1,699
Website: http://www.festivalofmedia.com/asia-pacific

Festival of Media Global
When: May 10-12
Where: Rome
Price: GBP 1,995-2,300
Website: http://www.festivalofmedia.com/global

IBC Content Everywhere
When: September 10-15
Where: Amsterdam
Cost: $799-1,999
Website: http://www.ibc.org/page.cfm/Link=845/nocache=24102014

Festival of Media LATAM
When: September 23-25

Where: Key Biscane
Cost: US $1,599-1,799
Website: http://www.festivalofmedia.com/latam


Improve and refine the heart of your message: these conferences focus on content strategy, delivery, and more.

Content Management for Digital Media Africa
When: January 27-29
Where: Johannesburg
Cost: GBP 499-1,999
Website: http://www.bspmediagroup.com/external/event.

CDN Asia
When: February 3-4
Where: Singapore
Website: http://cdnworldsummitasia.com/

B2B Content2Conversion Conference
When: February 16-18
Where: Scottsdale
Cost: US $395-1,095
Website: http://content2conversion.com/

Content Strategy Masterclass
When: February 17
Where: Sydney
Cost: $1,595-1,795
Website: http://www.contentstrategist.com.au/masterclass

When: February 25
Where: Virtual Event

Cost: Free
Website: http://vshow.on24.com/vshow/contenttech2/registration/7579?partnerref=CMISite

Content Marketing Sydney
When: March 16-18

Cost: $495-2,485
Website: http://www.sydneycontentmarketingworld.com/

Content Marketing Asia
When: March 19-20
Where: Singapore
Cost: US $400-1,000 ($200 for a virtual pass)
Website: http://asiacontentmarketing.com

Intelligent Content Conference
When: March 23-25
Where: San Francisco
Cost: US $595-2,495
Website: http://www.intelligentcontentconference.com/

Confab Central 2015
When: May 20-22
Where: Minneapolis
Cost: US $999-1,795
Website: http://confabevents.com/events/central

Content Marketing World
When: September 8-11
Where: Cleveland
Cost: $545-2,495

Website: http://www.contentmarketingworld.com/

Consumer Electronics/Technology

The hottest new gadgets, hardware, and other technological innovations.

International CES
When: January 6-9
Where: Las Vegas
Cost: US $1,300-1,600
Website: http://www.cesweb.org/

International CES Asia
When: May 25-27
Where: Shanghai
Website: http://www.cesasia.cn/?lang=en


Film, television and other modes of media. 

When: March 23-25
Where: Adelaide
Cost: $350-900
Website: https://www.net-work-play.com/blogs/news/articles/aidc-presents-net-work-play-2015

New Media Expo
When: April 13-16
Where: Las Vegas
Cost: US $397-797
Website: http://nmxlive.com/2015-lv/

When: June 9
Where: New York
Cost: Price on Registration
Website: https://opsconference.com/