Digital Marketing and The Power of Data



It’s all well and good to have an idea, and want to share it with people.. But how you do you know that the people you’re telling and sharing this idea with, actually care?


What we do know is that there is almost 4bil. people worldwide that use the internet on a computer, and over 5bil. use it on their mobile phones.. That’s a lot of opportunities to communicate, educate, and connect with your current audience, or a new audience.. But wouldn’t it be great if you knew that the audience you were communicating with actually cared, and wanted to know about our ideas and buy it-use it-share it..?


That’s where the power of data comes into play.


With great data – comes great responsibility. The responsibility to target your audience, and give them what they want. A ‘casting the net’ approach can have a wide reach, lots of eyes or ears on your content and high reach numbers – but narrowing down the scope of who you want to talk to by what they’re actually looking for can see engagement go through the roof.


So, how do we track all this information, and what tools, tips and tricks can we apply to our own content that will move the needle on the way we communicate with our audience? 


As the Global Consultant for We Are Social, and a lecturer and mentor in the digital marketing space, guest Simon Kemp will help us understand our highest-value opportunities and challenges, and how you can strategise to focus on these points and really make your mark.


Newsmodo CEO Rakhal Ebeli discusses how to start thinking big data to maximise the true value of digital marketing through brand storytelling that engages and delights.



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In this episode:

  • Using data to provide value
  • Quality over quantity
  • How to measure brand value


About the guest:

Simon Kemp is a marketing strategist that specialises in the future of all things digital as well as the Founder of Kepios. He’s written books, videos, reports, made videos and worked with some big brands that has earned him the title of one of the Most Influential Digital Marketers. 

Outside of work, he’s a music producer and DJ; also organising various social events, including tasting events for the Singapore Whisky Society, and the hugely popular #SataySocial street-food nights.

To keep up-to-date with his happenings and daily musings – follow him on Twitter @eskimon




 Digital Marketing and The Power of Data




Header image credit: Daniel von Appen