Empowering audiences through the art of language

This week’s episode of the Brand Storytelling podcast delves into the influence of language in the way everyday audience behaviour is shaped.

Discussing the construction of powerful brand storytelling, inbound marketing and the language that powers it all up, FutureBrand CEO Richard Curtis sheds the light on how language has modelled his business’s success and how it can do the same for yours. 


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Download the episode here

In this episode:

– Why language is so important in modern day marketing

– Why understanding the conventions of language in storytelling is crucial to brand success

– How to create sharp and precise messages to your audience

– Inspiring audiences through the art of words.

About the guest:

FutureBrand’s Asia Pacific CEO Richard Curtis has been in the agency field for two decades, and has seen the evolution of language make its way into modern marketing. With a passion for the “DNA” within language, Curtis has seen his business flourish through its knack for influential storytelling.


Creating content that speaks volumes in multiple languages