Empowering Yourself With Words



Let’s face it, we tend to get a little lazy with our words. We type fast, we talk faster, everything is meant to be easier to communicate and easier to absorb. Because of this we seem to have forgotten about the power of the English language; how great words can be when you stop and think for even just a second, about using a different word that could really change the conversation you’re having.


Custom-Writing gave us this little gem of an infographic below that could help you lock down a few alternate words to weave throughout your day-to-day use, be it emails or cover letters or even your blog..


Extending your vocabulary, just by using words that may be more descriptive can make your emails more interesting for the reader, or could help people engage with you further as word-play and “smart” conversations are intellectually stimulating.


But just don’t get too crazy with it, no need to start throwing around hence-there-forth and the like, trying to use “big words” can have the opposite effect and make you sound ‘stupid’ (it’s scientifically proven.) It’s more about not being lazy with language and trying to coax your brain into thinking outside of the box, which can bump up those creative feels.


Try signing up to Word-of-the-Day by Dictionary.com for some fun daily emails of new words to try.. today’s word is vamoose—Spanish slang for departing or moving quickly. See if you can use it in at least one conversation today?




Katherine Auchterlonie