Essential Apps for content marketers

“Mobile is eating the world.” Within time on mobile, people are spending as much as 90% on apps. We know the trend as content marketers and publishers. But are we making the most out of our time on mobile?

Here is a list of mobile apps that helps us stay on top of things even when we’re not in the office. 


Capturing ideas

Ever felt rushing with amazing ideas in the shower, on a bus, or anywhere but your desk? Often, those ideas go to waste if not written down. Evernote was born to solve that very problem. 

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Whether it’s an idea for a blog post, a list of new sites to try for content syndication, you can jot your thoughts down before you forget them. You can take notes in other formats such as photos and audio too.


Consuming content

Medium has become increasingly popular as a place to read interesting thoughts and ideas from people around world. The beautifully designed app makes it easy to consume thought provoking content on the go. 



Content marketers can unearth insights not found anywhere else, join the conversation, and even publish their own story straight from the app.


Staying organised

As a content marketer, you deal with a lot of text documents. Imagine sitting on a plane to a conference, you want to make use of the idle time by working on a Word doc opened from a mail attachment.

Enter Google Docs, a mobile app that lets you work on documents without an Internet connection.  Moreover, it syncs onto your Google Drive, a place that stores other content formats like slides, forms, and spreadsheets. 


Trello – a popular project management tool – is particularly helpful for things like content creation.

  • Customisable boards (e.g. ideas, in progress, editing, published): useful for content workflow management
  • Customisable labels: useful for content topic classification 



Canva started out as a web app and now they’ve released apps for iPhone and iPad. People are drawn to visuals and snackable content. Hence, this is an incredibly useful tool for marketers to create visual content worth sharing on social media.

Example of use cases: editing photos you capture while attending an event, create a visually appealing image of a quote you’ve just heard someone say. 


Social media

Managing social content is made simpler with Buffer. Their app makes it even simpler to add interesting content to the queue as you see it elsewhere (e.g. on Medium), or create on the go (e.g. using Canva). 

If you’re a busy marketer who has to manage multiple accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, this could be a life saver. A paid plan allows multiple team roles, as well as the ability to add content from integrated RSS feed to your queues.


Email campaign

Any marketer would have heard of MailChimp. Their mobile app lets you:

  • Add new subscribers: you can ask new people you meet on the go
  • Send a new campaign: once someone approves of the campaign you created on desktop
  • Track stats/reports: if your boss asks you at lunch 



Heard of BoredPanda? A BuzzFeed kind of hub for entertaining, possibly viral content. Browsing through their app, you might stumble on creative ideas, compilations etc. but most of all, blow off some steam after a hard day at work.

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