How content marketing drives a PR strategy

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On the Brand Storytelling podcast this week, we are joined by Bec Derrington from SourceBottle, a resource that connects journalists with expert sources.

We talk to Bec about her work at SourceBottle and Influencer HUB, how it has become the tinder for journalists, her earlier days in the PR world and finding that perfect blend of public relations and content marketing to execute a brand strategy. 

5 Lessons from Bec Derrington 

1.  Know when it’s the right time to push and pull with your strategy. 

2. When catering to a broad audience, drip feed your content and resist going for a big brand push. 

3. Branded content is starting to drop its stigma with journalists choosing to work more with brands. 

4. By 2020, PR will be all about influencers and everyone having access to being a publisher.

5. Smart branded content is the go-to resource for engaging stories. 

Here’s a sneak preview of the show: 

Rakhal Ebeli: Well, it’s interesting. That’s a very fascinating way of looking at it, and you’re not necessarily incorrect in my view either because to me, push would be a campaign based piece of content or promotional activity. You might have a product or service that you’re looking to push onto the market. Pulling is more about using content brand storytelling to bring that audience into the conversation. From a PR perspective, how do brands know when’s the right time to push and when’s the right time to pull?

Bec Derrington: From a PR perspective? Look, I think … I’ve been reading a really fascinating book recently called How Brands Grow, I think. It’s really actually turned my whole appreciation of mass marketing and very specific targeting marketing on its head. The reason I’m saying that is because it’s really impacted on what I see are key drivers in growing market share. I think there’s a really important synergy in both approaches, and I actually think both approaches should pretty much be always on.

One of the things with influence marketing that I believe, and Influencer Hub, what it really embraces is sort of a movement away from just little bursts of pushing and promotion to more of an ongoing sort of regularly sending out content, being very much top of mind all the time in terms of where your market sits because the long tail of that market can be overlooked if you’re being too specific and too targeted in your marketing. Sometimes they really dispute that whole 80/20 principle, that Pareto principle, and say it’s actually very rarely that strong a divide between your biggest consumers and the rest. I sort of think it’s important to have a very steady, ongoing approach to marketing and promotion and PR. Having a very steady drip of content going out all the time so you can stay top of mind and rather than having little pushes all the time, having a very steady and consistent approach where you’re trying to cater to a very broad market.

Rakhal: I love the word broad because you’re really opening the funnel there with that content or communication of whatever kind it is. That really does rely on there being a dip in the water of non-branded, non-campaign centric conversation as opposed to brand-centric, push, push, push.

About Bec Derrington

Bec is the founder of SourceBottle which connects journalists and bloggers with expert sources and established thought-leaders. 

She is also the founder and CEO of Influencer HUB that builds influencer communities for brands and building brand advocacy. 


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