Four Keys Elements of Successful Promotional Video Production

Promotional videos help businesses reach out to their clients, customers and others for the purpose of sharing information, creating awareness, and generating interest in the company and its products. By Daniel Calleja.


It takes creativity and planning to produce a video which presents the best image of your company while delivering the right message to the intended audience. Consider these four key elements of successful promotional video production

Identify the Message

We are constantly bombarded with information and no one can take it all in.

Whether you are promoting your overall business, or specific products or services, your video should focus on aspects specifically related to a well honed message.

A narrow focus is important so you can get your message across quickly, without including a lot of irrelevant information.

It can be counterproductive when video content lasts longer than the audience’s attention span.


Find Your Inspiration

If you want to capture your audience’s attention, your video must be more than a presentation of facts and figures.

As much as we may like to think we make choices based on rational thought, the truth is that emotions play a large part in most of our decisions.

You may want to use humour or an inspiring story to add interest. Highlight the ways in which your business gives back to the community.



There is a good chance you can barely remember the last promotional video you saw.

If you want your video to be remembered, be creative and make your video something people will want to share and watch again.

There are many ways to be creative and innovative with promotional videos. You can use animation, create interesting characters for your business, speculate on the future of your industry, or devise something unique to you.


Show and Tell

Video has the power to inform and persuade better than other types of media. It engages the audience in an experience with verbal, visual and emotional reach.

For example, when explaining how a product works, you can also show how it is used, with people enjoying the benefits it provides.

An effective video conveys the look and feel of your business along with intangible elements which cannot be expressed with just words.


Daniel Calleja is the founder and Creative Principle at Innovating Visuals