Going beyond your brand through content marketing – With Founder of MiGoals, Adam Jelic

This week’s episode of the Brand Storytelling podcast sees Rakhal partner up with founder of popular stationery label MiGoals, Adam Jelic, for a discussion on selling a solution, not a product. 

Having gained serious momentum across the industry, MiGoals now heads up the world of goal-setting with its functional, stylish collection — all designed to help entrepreneurs and general busy-bodies leverage their proactivity. 

The brand’s success can also be attributed to Jelic’s approach of delivering concepts to customers by using experiences and inbound tactics to weave a healthy content marketing balance.

It’s all about going beyond the brand…

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In this episode:

– The importance of going beyond the brand to attract new customers

– Selling a solution, not a product

– Using experiences and inbound marketing. 

About the guest:

Adam Jelic is the Founder of popular stationery label, MiGoals. Through careful content marketing tactics that attract, not deter, Jelic’s approach to brand storytelling has seen the business expand its growth year after year.


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