Great content – Why quality beats quantity

By Melissa Kitson @mnkitson

We are in the midst of a content frenzy.

Every minute, Facebook users share nearly 2.5 million pieces of content; 27,778 blogs are posted on tumblr, and over 48 hours of new video are uploaded to YouTube.

In this flurry to produce content, quality is often compromised. This can have dire side effects on a brand, hurting consumer confidence and trust.  

To avoid this occurring, it important to take a stand against mediocrity and ensure all content produced is of consistently high quality.

When it comes to content, less is often more.

Here are a few reasons why:

Quality engages

Rather than swamp your audience, it is much more effective to create targeted content that speaks to them directly. One finely crafted article is far more likely to hit the mark, than an onslaught of poorly aimed mishmash pieces.

Quality is not just about the final writing; it is about the research that goes into understanding the interests of your readers. By reflecting these interests, your content will have greater reach and impact.

Quality content is shareable

Quality content stands out and prompts engagement. While a lot of online content is overlooked or ignored, engaging and relevant content produces the opposite effect – it is shared, it goes viral, it sparks conversation.

By investing time in creating quality content, you safeguard your content from being lost in a cyber vacuum.

Quality builds your reputation

More is not the same as better.  Just as low quality content can hurt your reputation, high quality content can strengthen it. Quality content showcases your expertise, thought leadership and values. This improves trust and inspires greater consumer respect.

Developing a strategy for all stages of content creation, from initial research to the final editing, is one safeguard against content inferior.