Harnessing The Power of Social Media Influencers



The digital age has brought with it a new era of celebrities, who are just normal people generating content from their home computers and mobile devices.

On a global front, PewDiePie (yes, that’s his online name) has amassed over 50 million YouTube subscribers simply by playing computer games and offering his insight over the top.

Domestically, mummy blogger Constance Hall reaches an audience in the millions with her grounded, real-world advice and insights.

The influence of the social media elite should not be ignored, and you can leverage it to your business’s advantage.




How to harness influencers

While it is unlikely that PewDiePie would be able to assist you (unless you a game developer) and requests to Ms Hall would like be ignored (she has yet to commercialise her influence beyond her own products), there are many influencers out there who can help your cause.

Blogging has become an enterprise in its own right, with many writers holding significant sway across a raft of industries.

Reviewing, for example, has become a major blogging force. There are writers out there attracting major audiences by offering their thoughts on restaurants, live music, theatre shows and much more.

If you can get them to sing your business’s praises, wonderful. But if you can get them to offer their insights in commentary you can use on your own social media feeds, then you are able to leverage their influence to your advantage.

There are bloggers out there for almost any industry and some have extremely impressive audiences. It is advisable to do your homework and discover the leaders in your field, then invite them in to offer their views.

The best part? Most of them won’t even charge, so you can get invaluable endorsement for the price of a meal or a free sample of your product.





Unlikely influencer: Believe it or not, this bloke (Pewdiepie) has an audience of
50 million from swearing at video games




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