Harnessing the power of stakeholders to create brand stories

All brands are looking to build traffic but what about building traction on your overall brand narrative?

This requires harnessing the power of stakeholders and telling powerful brand stories.

“How do you delve deeper than pretty pictures and a single post here and there to get the word out about your brand and also to influence how your brand evolves over time?” asks Amy Laski.

She says the key is utilizing stakeholders to help develop the brand message.

In this podcast episode, Amy shares how Coke harnessed the power of its stakeholders to achieve its business objectives.

At the time, the reputation of Coke’s core products was coming under fire. Amy helped the brand rebuild its reputation by starting with asking the right questions.

She focused on finding out why Coke’s products were coming under fire. She realized there was a lot of misinformation circulating. So, Amy shared stories with some of Coke’s harshest critiques and the media.

By asking questions, answering them and involving the key stakeholders to help get correct information exposed about the brand’s products, the brand’s reputation started to improve.

“Measure your reputation and track it regularly, and, slowly but surely, if you’re doing the right things, you’ll begin to see the needle moving in the right direction,” says Amy Laski.

She also recommends finding key influencers to work with your brand messages to develop relevant stories.

Top tips for harnessing the power of stakeholders to create brand stories

1. Ask, don’t tell: The first step in telling your story is actually asking. Ask the audiences you’re aiming to reach what they want to hear. What’s on their minds? What keeps them up at night? And how can your brand play a role in helping?

2. Align with experts and influencers: Who does your audience want to hear from? And which experts may have interests in common with your brand? Engage them in helping to tell your story, and support them in telling theirs. They’ll be the window to the future of your brand, the early warning signals of any sort of issues or trends on the horizon.

3. Share: Share with these stakeholders’ new brand initiatives while they are still in development. Ask for their input and incorporate it to make them stronger. Keep sharing along the way and they will be more apt to share your initiative with your end audiences when the time is right.

4. Develop your narrative and the roadmap for bringing it to life together.

5. Analyze and refine: Convene regularly to evaluate what’s worked and what hasn’t, and continue to iterate as you tell your story

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Prior to starting Felicity, Amy was the Public Affairs Manager for Sparkling Beverages at Coca-Cola Canada.


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