Highlights from the World Business Forum 2017


For two days, the Newsmodo team were in Sydney for the World Business Forum, where some of the top thinkers and innovators in the world of business were there to discuss how organisations can survive and thrive in an age of disruption — or permanent state of beta, as the World of Business Ideas like think of it.

If you weren’t able to come along and join the other delegates, who got to sit around and soak up each other’s awesomeness, here are some fun stuff you missed from two inspiration-filled days. (You can also read more in-depth summaries of each day here and here.)


When Randi Zuckerberg became your girl crush

Event-stealer Randi Zuckerberg certainly extinguished the idea that she was just the “Zuckerberg sister” (her words, not ours) with a presentation that mixed confessions (she wanted to sing on broadway) with practical strategies for achieving a digital transformation, such as:

Since leaving Facebook, where she conceived of and launched Facebook Live, Zuckerberg started Zuckerberg media, authored the New York Times bestseller Dot Complicated, which also became the basis for a lifestyle website and TV of the same name.  

She also had some not-serious advice for ladies trying to get business meetings in male-dominated industries: Have a boys name like her.


When Ken Segall played Steve Jobs’ voicemails

It’s been nearly six years, but Steve Jobs still looms large over Apple. He’s the visionary that brought the company back from the brink, just 90 days from bankruptcy. Everyone’s heard the stories, read the articles, seen the movies about Jobs and his infamous management style, but what was he really like?

Well, according to Ken Segall, Steve had three faces. And they’re best illustrated to you via three messages he left on Segall’s answering machine at different stages during Segall’s twelve years at Apple, which he played for the audience.

Honestly, he didn’t seem that scary.


When Rosabeth Moss Kanter made a Trump joke and got an ovation

Among the many stories Rosabeth Moss Kanter shared of the many global businesses she’s worked with throughout her career, one little throwaway remark following a discussion of Procter & Gamble and their clean water initiative earned her an ovation.

Speaking about how important clean water is for developing nations, she added: “Even developed nations. Flint, Michigan has a problem with lead in their water. Sometimes I’m embarrassed about my country. But we’re getting better. Maybe in four years, anyway.”


When an Arianna Huffington tweet became a meme

Donald Trump’s presidency has, perhaps, become a symbol of what it’s like to live in a permanent state of beta, and though it was a mostly A-political event, Trump still managed to sneak in somehow.

During Arianna Huffington’s presentation on what she calls the third metric of success — Wellbeing — she talked about the impacts sleep deprivation can have on an employee, which she said scientists had conclusively found had to cognitive effect of coming to work drunk.

Well, the rest speaks for itself.