How and where to grow your digital footprint

Do you have a significant digital footprint? 

If a business doesn’t have a digital footprint, it might as well be non-existent. 

Ok, so this might be a bit extreme, but your digital footprint matters. 

The internet is typically the first place people go to find out more details about your brand and you. Learn more about making an impact online – and ensure that all of your online and offline efforts are worth it. 

Samantha Riley knows how to leverage the power of the internet to give a brand visibility. She is an entrepreneur who made her first million at the age of 19 and has gone on to build and sell several businesses. 

In this episode of the Brand Storytelling Podcast  Samantha shares her online strategies to grow successful companies by increasing your online presence.

Brand awareness through custom content is important to consumers. On average, 76 percent of shoppers feel closer and more positive about a company after reading their custom content.

But the message that you send those customers must come from knowing your community. With the high influx of content, Samantha says you have to stop shouting your message and start whispering.

“We can take in 2-million bits of information per second but our mind can only consciously process 134 bits of information and it can only actually remember seven bits per second,” says Samantha.

That means that people see and retain information that they believe is “true” for them. That’s why Samantha says you have to really know your online community to build your presence online.

Here are Samantha’s top three tips

1) Know your avatars or your ideal customers and their pain points

“By knowing that avatar or that ideal customer with absolute clarity means that you can know exactly what they want to hear…. So, instead of shouting at everyone, you can whisper to the specific people who your message is intended for,” says Samantha.

She says to make sure you include your avatars on the journey with you by sharing content about you based on what you know they like and don’t like.

“I know that my avatar aspires to be on working holidays. So, I will very often weave the story [showing] where I am working at the moment because I do work on the road a lot. So, I will always post pictures of where I am or which coffee shop I’m in. So, it’s like they’re on the journey with you,” explains Samantha.

2) Educate and entertain them

“Think of social media as being social. It’s not an online catalogue to sell your products,” says Samantha. Instead, people want to be educated and entertained.

A majority of social media content is being viewed on mobile devices so simplicity is a must. “Make your posts engaging and easily consumed,” says Samantha.

Use language that your avatar would use. Often contractions are best because the content will sound the way your avatar speaks and writes.

Deliver content that gives your avatars “top actionable tips” to help them take a step forward.

3) Speak in your avatars’ language

“You want to engage and connect with your community and open up that conversation in a way that they can understand… and listen,” says Samantha.

Don’t talk at them; instead create conversation with them. Make your target market understand you share common ground with them.

Learn more about Samantha Riley

Samantha Riley, author of The Heart of Entrepreneurship, made her first Million at age 19 and built several successful businesses over the decades. Today, she helps business owners amplify their message so that they can make a bigger impact and charge higher fees.