How brands can be the media with Kath Walters

Kath is a business journalist, who has reached audiences of more than 20-million people with an estimated 1.4 million words. She knows what it takes to produce high-quality, sticky content. As a content marketing and media relations trainer, Kath with more than 16 years of experience has written for some of Australias leading business publications, including BRW, the Australian Financial Review, SmartCompany, Boss, Crikey, and Business Spectator.


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 In this show youll learn

How your brand can publish your own media and become the media.

Tips on how to publish content that is appealing to consumers.

Why content marketing is the best way to respectfully sell to your consumers.

Why your brand should write about your rivals.


Takeaway Tips

1.     Create timely, relevant, and trustworthy content.

2.     Help readers understand through your content creation that your brand cares about helping them make the best buyer choices for them.

3.     Be confident that your brand is offering something unique.

4.     Inform readers about everything related to your industry not just the products/services sold by your company.

5.     Content marketing is content first, marketing second.

6.     No selling from the stage.

7.     Content marketing helps companies with paid, owned, and earned media.

8.     Use newsletters to help distribute your content.

9.     Repurpose a single piece of content to multiple platforms and formats such as print, video, GIFs, and infographics.

10.  Run your company and your content creation like a newsroom: publish regularly.



Website: Kath Walters