How Explainify simplifies brand storytelling to generate leads

On this week’s Brand Storytelling podcast, we are joined by the founder of Explainify, Eric Hinson to discuss how they turn complex information into engaging video content. 

Brands can often struggle to explain their services to prospective clients which can hinder their ability to recognise growth. Explainify builds captivating, animated stories that simplify the product or service on offer. 

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In this episode: 

–  How quality storytelling can translate into genuine leads for your brand. 

–  The key ingredients to a successful video production.

About the guest:

Eric Hinson is the founder of Explainify and the author of Diamond in a Haystacka guide for individuals looking to harness the power of storytelling. Follow the link to receive the first 2 chapters free.


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The Startup Junkie – EP.74: Finding the diamond in the Haystack with Eric Hinson