How much time do you spend on social media?



The team over at Omni, specifically Jack Staszak—have created a calculator which will tell you (be prepared) for just how much time you spend on social media and what you could be doing with your life instead..

The Social Media Time Alternatives Calculator can tell you how many books you could read, how much time you might be wasting at work (yes, I’m looking at you Karen) or even how much physical activity and calories could be burnt instead of chewing through the battery on your phone.

People are averaging five hours a day on mobile devices, with 92% of that time being spent on apps, and not calling that grandmother you haven’t spoken to in years..

Omni have delightfully put together a little infographic to bring it on home just how much time you could be wasting on social media instead of doing something possibly more productive, and possibly more rewarding.



Staszak and his crew are hoping that the calculator will be an eye-opener to those who don’t realise how much a little five minutes here, and five minutes there adds up to over the course of a day.

“Hopefully, it’ll encourage users to change their habits,” said Staszak. Each person who’ll see the difference and decide to spend more time outside social media is a win for us.”

A couple of options that you might want to try in an effort to bring those numbers down are:


Disabling notifications

This is actually surprisingly helpful—as someone who’s recently removed the notifications from their Facebook app, I can confirm you don’t feel the overwhelming sense to check your phone if you’re not getting pinged with notifications all the time.


Deleting apps you don’t actually need

“Not enough storage .. “ Is anyone else sick of seeing this pop up? Well well, deleting apps you don’t need might just stop that, and you will feel less tempted to open an app just for the sake of it.


Using it as a phone

Wait, what? Calling people? Can phones even do that anymore? Instead of sending a text or a DM why not give them a quick ring.. It means less back and forth and I just bet your friends miss the sound of your voice (maybe).

Now you just might be feeling bold enough to go tech-free, I’m not talking about hiking the PCT for weeks on end, but even an hour a day without your tech devices can make you feel healthier, more productive and help you break that addiction—because yes, social media addiction is indeed a thing.

So do you think you can manage a little less screen time?


Katherine Auchterlonie