How Omny Studio enables podcasters to start monetising

On the Brand Storytelling podcast, we talk with the CEO of Omny Studio Sharon Taylor about how the podcasting industry is starting to monetise. With the market for ads expected to exceed $200 million in 2017, publishers and producers are turning their shows into live events. 

Publishers such as Slate, Gimlet and the Ringer are some of the brands making the most noise with multiple shows attracting the attention of advertisers. But this all pales in comparison when compared to the main staples of radio and television that routinely see returns in the billions.

Omny Studio is an on-demand publishing platform that works in alignment with radio and podcast producers. They enable brands to comprehensively host, share and monetize their shows to build a product audiences can easily access. 

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In this episode:

– Why brands should be looking at avenues to monetise their content.

– How to build a show that will attract advertisers.

About the guest:

Sharon Taylor is the CEO of Omny Studio with a passion for the tech industry and working with brands in the startup community.


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