How startups can win with content marketing

With Josh Rowe

A major challenge that all startups face is how to get the word out about their company on a lean startup marketing budget.

Josh Rowe is the founder of, a website and free app that helps homebuyers and investors find their next home. He will explain how small businesses can make an effective content marketing strategy and use it to drive their PR, marketing and publicity in those crucial years. 

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“We started with almost zero budget. We spent only a few thousand dollars on social media advertising and grew the whole business’ brand out of organic PR and through mainstream media and online media,” says Josh Rowe.

Less than two years later, Josh says, because of the company’s content marketing strategy, it’s now often quoted as a primary data source for traditional media and online bloggers.

How was he able to do this?

It starts with understanding what the problem is that you’re trying to solve and for whom.

“If you’re able to understand what your strategy is, how you intend to deliver it, and the benefit it delivers to your customers, then you should be able to communicate with those customers by various channels in a way that tells the story to them about the benefit of your product,” explains Josh.

Startups don’t need a lot of money to become known as a publisher.

“That was a really interesting stage for us because we reached this point where suddenly people saw us not only as a product in our own right but also as a publishing platform,” says Josh.

Their content growth strategy success came from collaborative efforts by in-house staff and contributing journalists.

Tips for starting a content marketing strategy

1. Don’t try to do everything at once; take your content marketing in stages – building it up with well-written, quality content is vital.

2. Start as soon as possible. Josh says you can start prior to your launch by introducing your product and creating interesting articles about the launch.

3. Listen to feedback. Take all feedback from both internally and externally. Pay attention to how they consume your content across different channels, how they engage with it, and how much they like it.

4. Measure, act, and adjust. “Measuring and adjusting is very important as part of your content strategy,” says Josh.

Josh cautions businesses not to make the same mistakes he’s made. He says it took his company too long to plan out content and his company didn’t have a pre-launch content strategy in place prior to their launch.

“If you’re running a startup, you should be having a conversation with your customers and potential customers before you even launch,” says Josh.

He also recommends that brands get help and bring in professional journalists to create quality content.

More about Josh Rowe

Josh Rowe is the CEO of – a startup in the real estate industry.

He is a digital entrepreneur and is passionate about eCommerce.

Josh has been a key executive, consultant and digital expert within blue chip organisations, driving digital change through the development of their online strategy, and delivering new digital capabilities. He has driven the introduction of a new competitive industry model for the Australian domain name industry and the enactment of anti-spam legislation in Australia. Josh is also one of the blokes on the Beers, Blokes & Business podcast – have a listen. 


Twitter @joshrowe