How the tourism industry uses content marketing to sell the dream

On the Brand Storytelling podcast, we are joined by the executive director of marketing for Tourism Tasmania, Guy Taylor. We talk about how countries and states sell the dream and attract tourists through creative storytelling experiences and engaging content. 

Guy also had a hand in working on the famous ‘Who is James Boag?’ commercials and also with Richard Branson at Virgin Records before moving into his current role at Tourism Tasmania. 

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In this episode: 

  • How content marketing shares the stories of the people and cultures to promote the destination. 
  • The brands that Guy has worked with throughout his career.
  • The process of identifying the tourists you want to attract. 
  • What types of content are working for Tasmania Tourism. 

Preview of the show:

Rakhal Ebeli: When we talk in content marketing about pulling back the curtains and actually sharing the people behind the brand with the customers it’s so much a part of humanizing the concept of what those customers are really buying into and building genuine trust and engagement from there. You say that that was a little bit of a risk initially. Did you start to see it pay dividends? For our marketing listens out there how long does it take to start building traction with a campaign like that?

Guy Taylor: The first year after the campaign ran we had, this is four years back, we came off of zero percent growth base in inbound visitation and then we grew at sixteen percent for the year after that and we’ve been in double digit growth every single year since then. Some of the strongest growth in Australia and the largest number of repeat visitations in Australia, close to seventy percent repeat visitation and this is the thing. When you start to engage in a personal experience to live through a person and find out about the place through the people then it warrants repeat visits. Particularly the experience with the people that are coming to Tasmania, they’re caught in the teeth of the machine, they’re looking for an escape, a nirvana, it’s like a reality that’s somewhat Bohemian in a way, because the society that they lived in, big city life, is sterilized life and it’s stripped out humanity and authenticity and customer is valued over the worker and all of this kind of stuff.

Rakhal: You don’t shy away from the challenges and some of the flaws, even, in your cultural community there either. I think that’s a part of the attraction, isn’t it?

Guy: Absolutely. There’s a flight to reality going on worldwide at the moment. You’ve just got to look at the internet to realize it’s a massive collection of individual tribes and so people respond to something that’s multi-faceted and has flaws. Not everything has to be incredibly burnished. That’s the Queensland way. Beautiful one day perfect the next. Prison of bland repetition to some people. At the right time for the right visitor that’s absolutely the perfect offering but it’s not the kind of thing that we’re offering in Tasmania. It’s understanding the offering, obviously, that’s important as well.


Chris Hemsworth – Tourism Australia Commercial

Who is James Boag’s – Commerical

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