How to get through the content slog

Arnie Kuenn is the CEO of Vertical Measures – a content and SEO company in Arizona. He joined us on Brand Storytelling to talk about this thing he calls the content slog. You might’ve had the feeling that there is a lot of content marketing overkill out there. Or, that your content simply isn’t effective. This is part of the content slog – and we will discuss what it means and what you should do about it.

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Rakhal:    And as we start to wind down, Arnie, just on the subject of storytelling – it’s such a big deal now, it’s such a buzzword in content marketing. Last week we had Johnathan Crossfield on the show who is a very passionate storyteller. But not everyone, in my opinion, is successfully telling branded stories. Do you maybe you have a different concept of storytelling over in the States and what it means. What do you think? Is there something about brand storytelling that, you know, people are doing really well? What can we really focus on just to finish off here for our listeners?

Arnie Kuenn:    First of all, everything we do in the States apparently is different than what you do there in Australia.

Rakhal:    Yes and better, you might say! I would love to travel forward in time to find out what we’re going to be doing next year.

Arnie Kuenn:    Right. Well, you know, actually, maybe I’ll give you a different response than you’re anticipating, but as much as we’ve talked about storytelling and as important as it is, I would not put the pressure on the average business to say that it’s the end all and be all of content. In fact, honestly, I don’t even think that I’m a very good storyteller. It’s kind of hard to know yourself that way, but I wouldn’t say that that’s what people know me for.

    I think actually people know me, and what I tend to preach and educate on is probably a more practical approach and everybody at our company, and hopefully our clients by now, I just keep hammering home this idea that this idea: create content that people are searching for, and in fact, when we were talking about fighting through the slog, you know, the first few minutes of this podcast, and that’s one of the things I keep telling them is to stick to it, fight through the slog by creating content people are actually searching for. If you’re guessing what they want or you’re going to try to write the coolest story, you know, something that you think is really, really shareable and people are going to love this, you might miss the mark by guessing. Because what you should be doing – and I mean it has to be good content – but the subtle difference is, especially in the beginning, ask yourself this. Can you actually envision somebody searching for the title of what you just created whether it’s a video, blog post, article, free guide, or whatever it is? 

    What I always say to people is if you have not been successful at content marketing for 12 months in a row, I wouldn’t get too clever. I would be practical and create content that people are searching for that might end up that you’re telling a story in that piece of content, but I wouldn’t get too creative until you’ve started to see some success.

Rakhal:    Arnie, that is fantastic advice, and a fantastic way to end our show for this episode of Brand Storytelling. Arnie and the team at Vertical Measures are doing incredible things with SEO, but not just SEO, layering that over content and brand storytelling so check out their website and also, Arnie, I know that you’re really a popular speaker right around the world and all of Arnie’s speaking dates are on his website now as well. So, I’m hopeful that I’m going to be able to catch up with you in Cleveland in September for Content Marketing World. I really can’t wait to see what’s going to be talked about and unveiled later in the year, but until then, let’s keep in touch and thanks for joining us on Brands Storytelling.


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