How to create content for your brand – With Felix Krueger, Fairfax Media

Felix Krueger is the Custom Solutions Commercial Manager at Fairfax Media. Hes responsible for the strategic development of content and rich media ad products that help brands create engaging digital experiences. Last year, Felix led the launch of Brand Discover, Fairfax Media’s native advertising product. Prior to joining Fairfax Media in 2010, Felix was involved in content production, distribution and monetisation on both agency and client side, as well as the launch of mainstream online video products, such as the T-Box at Netventures.


In this show youll learn

How Fairfax Media entered the native advertising space with the launch of Brand Discover.

Why content marketing is the essential strategy for brands.

The key metric to determine success with content and native advertising.

Hear how a case study on a brand that increased its public perception of the brand by 117% using content.


Takeaway Tips

1.     Start meaningful conversations with consumers.

2.     All brands have knowledge and expertise to share; content is key to reaching consumers.

3.     Advertorials are not as successful as creating native advertising content.

4.     Engagement is higher when brands share relevant and important information rather than just advertorials about their products/services.

5.     Create content, measure it, and improve.



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