How to increase traffic to your webinar

by Phoebe Chongchua

Webinars are among the top-rated ways to increase traffic to your Website and drive greater conversion rates.

But if you’ve ever tried hosting a Webinar you likely know that preparing your talk and the slides are the least of your worries.

Getting people to sign up for the Webinar and actually attend it is the biggest challenge followed closely by getting the audience to covert into customers. 

Robert Coorey, our guest on the Brand Storytelling podcast, is well-known for nearly setting a world record for having the most people on a single Webinar.

It was one of my biggest successes but biggest failures – because two minutes into the webinar, the platform actually crashed and died.

— Robert Coorey

That’s because he had nearly 8,000 people on the Webinar and although the platform had been tested, the technology at that time just couldn’t support the flood of people joining in.

Listen to the full podcast to hear what happened after the crash – and find out how Robert and others involved handled it. 

Robert says that this experience showed him how powerful webinars are for community engagement. 

“A Webinar is one of the very best forms of content… because if you have someone’s attention for 30 minutes or an hour, that’s worth a lot more than someone who is reading a newspaper or watching a TV show or listening to the radio on the way to work – because they’re engaged, they’re focused,” says Robert.

The main reason is because people online are only one click away from buying what you’re selling in your webinar.

Getting people into your webinar requires a relationship with them that’s built over time, using storytelling and content marketing strategies.

Three tips to get people to your webinar

1. Use storytelling pieces to attract your audience

Start by organising your core offerings so that you can then create content based on those key products or services. Each piece of content should offer value that is directly related to those core offerings.

Tell a story that shows how those core offerings solve problems and address the concerns of your target audience. Robert sent 10 emails prior to his webinar. The client was a well-known nutritionist so each email was designed to persuade the reader to sign up for the webinar.

“It wasn’t just a straight case study. It was all about the challenge the client had. What they tried before. What worked. What didn’t work,” explains Robert.

2. Consider using ads on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social platforms

Buying ads and advertising your webinar can generate a lot of traffic. Robert says that when they purchased Facebook ads they reached about 4,000 people who came to the webinar.

Buying advertising can be a great option for increasing webinar attendance, but you have to measure how much the cost is per attendant – and decide if it’s really worth it.

You can also do webinars for other people’s audiences and pay a commission for the sales.

Keep in mind that today, a good attendance rate is only about 30 percent because “people have seen so many webinars where there hasn’t been a good amount of value,” says Robert.

3. Webinar structure 

The ultimate webinar structure is 90% content, 5% offer, 5% question and answer.

The way you structure the flow of your webinar will directly impact your conversion rate.

“There is an art to having people convert at the end of the webinar,” says Robert.

Every piece of content must be aligned with your core offer and created with a conversion goal in mind.

“For example, when I do a webinar I say, ‘I’ve got a course that has 35 different modules, but obviously we haven’t got time to go through the whole 35 modules of content. But I can show you three of those 35 today,” explains Robert.

After giving away those three valuable and helpful modules, Robert says people often come back for more and that’s when the sale takes place because they want to learn about the other 32 modules.

“That’s the method that I have found is the very best way to deliver a sensational amount of value but it directly leads to the upscale at the end,” says Robert.

Content marketing, like any other marketing channel, needs to deliver a return on investment.

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Find out more about Robert Coorey

Robert Coorey, is a number one Best-Selling author. The Huffington Post called Rob “one of the most influential online marketers across the globe”. He was recently listed by Startup Australia as one of Australia’s Top 50 Entrepreneurs and is followed by his global online community of over 10,000 serious business owners. He nearly broke the world record for most number of people in a webinar, filled up dozens of live events, has been featured extensively in the media, and has launched three best-selling books.

Rob was also the co-founder of Punnky’s World High-Five day. With no marketing budget, he organized thousands of people across four continents to give one another high fives, and the Facebook following quickly grew to over 130,000 fans.