How to move your storytelling beyond the brand

On the Brand Storytelling podcast, we are joined by Ben Shipley, Managing Director at Spectrum Group. We talk with Ben about how brands can start to reinvent their storytelling and create an authentic dialogue with their audiences. 

Brands are already branching outside the box to do this. Lego created the Lego Movie which was a smash hit with fans new and old with sales skyrocketing as a result. 

So how can other brands seek to mimic this? How can they tell their story a different way? 

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In this episode: 

– What technology brands are using to connect with their audiences. 

– How to get creative with your strategy to become an industry leader.

About the guest:


Ben Shipley is the Managing Director at Spectrum Group, a communications team that enables brands to connect their technology story to a well-defined audience. 



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