How To Reach Millennials With Your Writing



They are young, they are savvy and more often than not, they are cashed up.

Millennials are the new wave of adults who came of age in the 21st century. By 2020, they will also make up 30 per cent of all retail sales.

So it goes without saying that it is critical to reach this audience with your content, but how?



Keep it simple, silly

Time to ditch the elegant prose, verbose descriptors and swags of business jargon – millennials aren’t interested.¬†When it comes to reading, this generation prefers a more casual and informal tone and get turned off by business-speak.


Keep in touch

Weaving in popular culture references is a sure-fire winner. By knowing what the hot movies, televisions shows, games and music is at today (definitely not yesterday), you can use these sources to inject some colour and humour to your articles. This helps you connect with the millennial generation and show that you are in touch with what they like.


Use them as a voice of their generation

There is a latent distrust for business on social media platforms, but millennials are big on testimonials. That means reviews, comments etc from the common person. You can gear your content to ask questions and invite millennials into the conversation. These comments and reviews can also be reverse published to provide a contemporary voice that this generation is more likely to listen to.



Beware the short attention span

Social media and immediate access to data has created a mindset where concentration spans often only last for a matter of seconds. Keep your articles brief, and interject other media forms (images, audio, video) to keep things interesting.


These tips will assist with crafting content aimed at millennials, but the main thing to always remember is to be authentic. This generation can smell b/s a mile away, but gravitate towards businesses that are honest and transparent.




How Newsmodo can help

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Rakhal Ebeli 




Header image credit: Branden Harvey