How to spend your remaining budget before the EOFY

When you’re busy trying to sign off projects and plan next year’s content marketing strategy it can be easy to spend your remaining budget on quick wins like Facebook ads. 

However, this is the perfect opportunity to invest money in areas that are normally hard to get buy-in. Yes, they might not be flashy and exciting but investing in your people, digital assets and infrastructure will set you up to achieve your 2016-2017 content marketing targets. 

Here are three smart ways you can use this financial year’s remaining budget:

Invest in your collaboration tools

With flexible working hours and locations on the rise, it makes sense brands invest in collaboration tools. Teams are no longer sitting together in one office. They’re spread out over time zones and continents. 

Sure, email is still important but most of us have started to use other, less formal and quicker ways to communicate and share information: Slack, Google Hangouts, and Dropbox, just to name a few. 

Brands should do a quick audit and find out how their staff is communicating to see if they can provide additional support such as increasing data allowances and updating IT policies.

Update and refresh your content

You know that email opt-in you haven’t updated since 2013? That might be the reason why email sign-ups and engagement have been low. Same goes for your YouTube channel, landing page, and blog. 

People are exposed to hundreds of new content each day. This doesn’t mean you need to produce content daily to keep up, but it does mean that to stay relevant and on point, you need to be in a constant cycle of renewing and refreshing your main content pieces. 

Brands should choose three pieces of content that have had the most success or that will help them achieve their content marketing objectives and spend time, money and resources updating them. 

If you’re not sure which ones to choose, updating your email opt-in, your most viewed blog piece or video, and About page are always great choices. 

Review your infrastructure and databases

When was the last time you cleaned up your data? Or fixed the broken links on your website? We tend to not think of websites and databases as living things but in a sense they are. 

We feed them information every day and expect them to do something as a result. But we have a habit of neglecting them, and so the systems we depend on fall down. 

If it’s important to your brand to be found in Google searches, to email the right people with your products, and allow people to buy with one click, then you need to have a functioning and secure infrastructure and database. 

Brands should hire an expert to do a little housekeeping: clean and merge lists, update your SEO and plugins, fix internal links, and revise your data security procedures. 

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