How to use content to increase traffic to your brand

How is your brand directing traffic to its social networks and websites? Trading ads for creative content is essential. We sat down with Jeff Bullas,, the #1 name in content marketing and discussed how brands can make themselves more visible in search engines. 

Rakhal: Great content obviously, ultimately, leads to conversion. But you can’t really advertise your product straight off the bat or consumers should be probably turned off. So how do you ease your consumer into the sale of your product or services with content marketing these days?

Jeff: So what you do is you use a mix of giving away free great content that’s both engaging, inspiring, and educational; and then what you need to do is you mix that up with calls to action, or draw people to a webinar where you might want sell a digital product, or sell an e-book. So it’s this combination of free [content] and marketing …  and I was at a Mastermind in Chicago about a year ago and there was a really good statement made by Todd Brown, and Todd said, “75% of your marketing funnel is education” and its true.

So you basically need to earn the right to ask for the order, and that comes from providing great free content. And the more expensive the product the longer the journey; and that’s the same with a face to face sales process. It’s no different except you need to do it online. Basically, you are defined online by your content, that’s it.

Rakhal: So when we get to the pointy end of that conversation you talk about ROY, what tips and tricks are you suggesting these days to trying to get that ultimate conversion to essentially pay for all that content that you’ve created along the journey.

Jeff: So what you need to do is …  with this incredible, splintered media environment we live in … hundreds of social networks now with a few majors, you’ve got mobile devices, multiple devices that you need to be communicating on to optimize your content for. And then you’ve got a variety of media, you’ve got images and so on. So the only way to manage this incredibly splintered and complex environment is to use tools, and you need to build a use a platform such as a digital marketing automation platform.

I use Infusion Soft, which basically allows me to create marketing funnels that automate a lot of the boring stuff and also provide measurement. And that allows me to then optimize conversion rates so … and then top of that you plug in tools all around that … such as Lead Pages which is just … I’m sure a lot of you heard about Lead Pages, but that is also woven into the mix and then you build essentially marketing funnels that are driven by these digital marketing automation platforms that allow you to scale. Because in this incredible complex media world that’s the only way you’re going to be able to manage and measure.